We hereby confirm the following exceptional policy:

We grant our guests who made a direct booking with the hotel up to 48 hrs prior to arrival exceptionally possibility to postpone their reservations if this is related to COVID-19 such as the following:  

- Guests confirmed to carry the virus

- Border closures: in the destination where our hotel is located,

- Quarantine - New lockdown

Guests wishing to postpone their trips for the Covid-19 related reasons may do so within 9 months from their original date of arrival. They can use the paid amount as a credit for their new reservation.  New rates apply.   

A voucher will be issued by the hotel.   

This policy is only valid if the ability to travel is beyond the control of the guest. The guest(s) in question are required to provide reasonable documentation confirming that their inability to travel was due to COVID-19 related matters. The final decision to postpone lies entirely with Hotel De Tuilerieën at all times. This policy is valid for individual bookings only and does not apply for group bookings. For group bookings please contact our hotel directly.

A refund of the reservation is not possible.

Validity of this policy: For stays until the 9th  January 2022 (last departure) or until COVID-19 is no longer a limitation to international travel. For cancellations or booking modifications due to reasons not related to COVID-19, our standard policies apply.